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In 1970, the NADA realized that there were specific needs and concerns surrounding medium and heavy duty truck dealers. That year, the American Truck Dealers division of NADA was created. Continuing this tradition in our digital age, the NADA has created this online community specifically for the ATD and it's truck dealers. Members of this community network, share best practices and explore strategies to help their dealerships become more effective.

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About this community

The ATD NextGen online community was launched early in 2011. ATD launched this exciting new initiative to develop programs where medium and heavy duty truck dealers can effectively prepare their emerging leaders for a successful future. Mission Statement: The mission for “NextGen ATD” is leadership development and the advancement of truck dealers and managers of the future through peer relationships, education and networking. This program is designed to help younger association members, second-, third- and fourth generation dealers, make a smoother transition to the helm when it’s their time to lead a dealership.